Safety On-Smart
Smart industrial safety solutions based on IoT technology
Safety On-Smart
The Safety-On Smart solution allows you to monitor various disasters, such as fires,
explosions, suffocations, poisonings and etc. that may occur at an industrial site.
Also, due to real-time notifications, accidents can be predicted / prevented,
and safe working environments can be secured.
UAS On-Smart
UAS On-Smart
Autopilot drone solution based on IoT technology
RPAS On-Smart
RPAS On-Smart solution combines with equipments, instruments,
sensors and etc that are necessary in the industrial site to provide
a new paradigm for existing practices through customizing itself to various special purposes.
Factory On-Smart
3D integrated operation smart factory solution based on IoT technology
Factory On-Smart
Factory On-Smart solution provides three-dimensional monitoring
through 3D virtual modeling. It collects/analyzes the big data of
the process industry in real-time and provides optimum conditions
regarding the process. It senses all sorts of industrial accidents
beforehand and sends out an alarm, thus establishing a smart
factory based on industrial safety and integrated process control.
Inventory On-Smart
Smart inventory managing system of shipbuilding industry yard based on beacon
Inventory On-Smart
Inventory On-Smart solution provides real-time management of locations
and inventory operation status of the industrial site.

USIS IoT Solutions

We offer more attractive services by providing convergence solutions based on IoT technology.